(Leasing)-Finanzierung von Luftfahrzeugen – Getting the Deal Through

Dr. Martin Geiger has written the Austrian chapter of the international guide “Getting The Deal Through: Aviation Finance and Leasing” for the third time in a row. A Pdf of the Austrian contribution can be downloaded here.

The guide provides answers to the most important questions on financing and leasing of aircraft in Austria in a clear Q&A format. The topics include:

  • Legal framework
  • Title transfer
  • Registration of ownership
  • Security
  • Enforcement measures
  • Taxes
  • Insurance and reinsurance

On five pages you will get an overview of the essential points you need to consider when financing and leasing aircraft and helicopters. 

This year’s edition was recently published on the Lexology website where subscribers can also compare laws and regulations between 31 jurisdictions.

For details, please contact Dr. Martin Geiger, the head of our Aviation Group.