We advise banks, credit institutions and funds on all questions of banking and capital market law. Further, we ensure secure financing agreements with all our business clients. We are specialized in defending coverage claims against insurance companies and provide expertise on insurance contract law issues.

In litigious proceedings, we represent our bank clients, i.e. in investor proceedings and in the judicial realisation of collateral in Austria and abroad. We also consult banks, insurance companies and funds in the implementation of regulatory provisions and represent them before the competent supervisory authorities.

Legal advice to an Austrian commercial bank on the amendment of its bank concession in connection with the extension of its business field.

Legal advice to an Austrian private bank on the review and revision of its standard agreements with customers.

Legal advice to an Austrian private bank on the structuring of an innovative credit card system which is offered throughout Europe in cooperation with so-called Credit Unions based in the UK and Ireland.

Legal advice to an Australian payment processing company on its market entry into the European Union from Austria, including passporting and E-Money law issues.

Legal advice to an Austrian commercial bank as creditor on the restructuring of three hotel project loan financings in Russia.

Legal advice to an Austrian commercial bank as creditor on the administration of a loan for a portfolio of ten 4-star hotels in Hungary, Poland, the Czech Republic and Russia.

Legal advice to an Austrian private bank on the structuring of a capital loan, which is secured by the debitors’ exploitation Rights.

Legal advice on the liquidation of a subsidiary of an Austrian bank specialising in asset investment and asset management.

Representation of an Austrian private bank in public liability proceedings against the State Finance Procurator of the Republic of Austria due to improper supervisory procedures of the Austrian Financial Market Authority (“FMA”).

Legal advice to various international banks and issuers on regulatory aspects of marketing their products in Austria (e.i. review and submission of prospectuses, drafting of fund manager agreements etc.).

Legal advice to an international investment fund on several legal and regulatory aspects of marketing its products in Austria e.i. establishment of a branch in Austria, closure of sub-funds etc.).

Consultation for and represention of various foreign institutions in cross-border activities (services passport) as well as on the establishment of branches (branch passport).

Legal advice to a worldwide leading American company in the field of technical payment processing technology on corporate and financial market regulatory issues in Austria and the EU.

Consultation for and representation of an Austrian bank vis-à-vis the Austrian Financial Market Authority in various regulatory proceedings (e.i. in restructuring measures within the banking group).

Legal advice to an Austrian private bank on various purchases of non-performing claims (against debtors in Hungary, Cuba and Cyprus) and support in the documentation of financing by participants behind the client as buyer/lender of record.