You have an innovative idea and need legal support for its realisation? Then you have come to the right place! We remove all legal stumbling blocks and help you to turn your idea into a successful business.

Capital is a scarce commodity in the initial phase – thus, we charge start-ups a strongly reduced hourly rate and are also prepared to share part of your risk: If you convince us with your idea, we will defer part of our fee until certain milestones are reached (such as the successful completion of a financing round).

A solid legal foundation must be laid down as early as possible. We ensure the protection of your business idea, review its legal feasibility and conclude foresighted cooperation agreements between all founders of the enterprise. Once the company has been founded, the focus lies on secure contractual relationships with customers, suppliers and cooperation partners, raising capital and expanding the team.
Not only do we provide you with legal advice, we also offer you access to our network and contacts with investors and cooperation partners. You can relax and work on perfecting your idea while we represent your interests vis-à-vis negotiating partners and keep track of the whole process at every stage.