We advise private equity investors on the acquisition, restructuring and resale of their targets. When drafting contracts, we take care to ensure that our clients have the most far-reaching influence on the structure and operative business of the target company.

We support financial investors in the establishment of private equity funds and purchase vehicles. Our consultancy advise also covers all forms of financing. We answer all your legal questions relating to the planned investment quickly and reliably, so that you can calculate the risk well.

Legal advice to a consortium of bidders under the supervision of a Private Equity investor on the acquisition of a stake in the Kommunalkredit Austria AG, from the submission of the first expression of interest through the complex due diligence to the submission of the binding offer, which ultimately did not win.

Consultation for an Austrian private equity company on the planned acquisition of shares in an Austrian company which has developed a worldwide patented and award-winning technology for the construction of algae breeding plants.

Legal advice to a real estate investor on the establishment of two Private Equity Vehicles for the acquisition, development and subsequent sale of larger real estate portfolios in Germany.

Legal advice to an Austrian developer on the development of a Private Equity structure for investments in Austrian real estate projects (i.a. in a hotel and residential construction project in a municipality in the south of Vienna).

Legal advice to the Private Equity subsidiary of an Austrian private bank on the financing of investment projects in the energy sector (renewable energies and conventional power plants).

Legal support to a company in the pharmaceutical industry with a focus on laboratories and drugs in its search for investors interested in investing in Austria.

Legal advice to a Private Equity investor on its investment in a Dutch telecom holding company which held eight mobile phone licenses in Africa and the Middle East. Subsequently, legal advice on the restructuring of the holding company and exit from the project.

Legal advice to a private equity investor on the acquisition of a stake in Globtel (Orange Slovakia), a Slovak mobile phone Operator.

Legal advice to a Private Equity investor on the acquisition of a stake in MobilRom (Orange Romania), a mobile phone operator in Romania, through indirect privatisation.