Compliance contains all measures designed to ensure that a company, its executive bodies and employees conform in accordance with the law. A systematic approach is therefore important for every company, regardless of its size or sector. We assist you in introducing a new Compliance Management System (CMS) or in adapting an existing one.

The advantages of a good CMS is obvious: it helps to avoid criminal sanctions, liability and claims for damages, and contributes to image improvement and increased credibility. The main focus is on prevention, but also the detection of violations, the appropriate reaction and the ongoing evaluation of the CMS must not be neglected.

Risk areas such as labour law, corporate law and public law are relevant for every company. For certain industries, such as the financial sector or the energy sector, numerous other legal and regulatory provisions also apply.
We especially pay attention to consulting on IT compliance. The focus usually lies on data protection. However, other regulations must also be observed, such as IT security and the storage and availability of data.